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Randly L. Sutton
By Randy L. Sutton
On 20 Nov, 2017

Based on the recent firestorm surrounding the events in McKinney, Texas, it appears the ‘new normal’ threshold for demanding swift justice and national condemnation of police officers is a short video clip followed by social media outrage.

There is more to the McKinney inciden...

Randly L. Sutton

Another Police Officer is gunned down in Memphis. The killers of a Hattiesburg Police Officer only a few weeks ago is granted bail, as the Mother of that Officer looks on helplessly. A cop orders some food at a drive-through and the man that prepares it writes “PIG” on the wrapper. A ...

Randly L. Sutton

The death of yet another NYPD officer, killed in the line of duty after an incident this weekend, offers more proof that police officers across America are under siege.

They are under fire in the streets, in the media, in their own departments and from political leaders.


Randly L. Sutton

I have fought my entire life for the cause of justice both as a 33 year police veteran and as a writer and journalist.  I believe deeply that integrity and honor are the cornerstones of leadership and without a personal commitment to those ideals, true leadership is impossible and those who ...